Security Surveillance and Access Control

We at Pneumatic Engineers Pvt. Ltd. have the ability to provide emergency and security solutions, including threat assessment and gap analysis, plans and procedures, crisis management, emergency operations centers, security planning and design. We work in cooperation with leading global enterprises in order to develop and provide first-class solutions for security and surveillance.

As a strong multi talented team, we have the needed experience, know-how and perception to answer the demands of any client. We understand the complexity and sensitivity of the field and guarantee top-level service to our business clients. We install and maintain sophisticated systems using state of art techniques like night vision cameras, retinal access controls, CCTV monitoring, touch scan access devices etc.

For our projects, after the fire protection goals are established – usually by referencing the minimum levels of protection mandated by the appropriate model building code, insurance agencies, and other authorities – our engineers undertakes to detail specific components, arrangements, and interfaces necessary to accomplish these goals.